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Qualifications :

- Sarjana
University of Manchester, United Kingdom
- Sarjana Muda
University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Research Specialization :

  • Structural Engineering


Areas of Interest :

  • Structural and Materials Engineering, Affordable Quality Housing; Industrialised Building System and Engineering Education.


Awards & Recognitions :

  • Johan Bintang Kenyalang (JBK), (Sarawak State Award) 1998
  • CIDB R&D Award for Putra Block Building System. 2002
  • MBAM Bronze Medal 2005
  • Dato’ Paduka Mahkota Selangor (DPMS), (Selangor State Award) 2008
  • Gold Medal for PUTRA BLOCK at the International Exhibition of 2001 Inventions and Innovations, Geneva, Switzerland. 4 April.
  • 2002 Load Bearing Hollow Block Building System
  • U.S., U.K., Swiss & Malaysian Patent - PUTRA BLOCK – Interlocking

Research Topics :

  • A preliminary survey of farm structures in Malaysia
  • Low cost materials of construction
  • Lightweight concrete using palm oil shell and clinkers
  • Utilization of Malaysian Bamboo as an Engineering Material
  • Road embankment on soft soil at Tangkak, Johor
  • Use of interlocking load-bearing hollow-blocks in housing construction
  • National Science Research Council IRPA thrust area: "Materials & Structures"
  • Low cost settlement, partially prestressed concrete and building systems
  • Development of Industrialised Building System
  • Ministry of Housing and Local Government - Interlocking Load bearing Hollow Block Construction
  • National Research Programme on Affordable Quality Housing
  • Earthquake Resistant Housing Design and Building System, Akademi Sains Malaysia
  • Application of Putra Block in Low-cost Housing Construction, BABENA CORP.
  • Sustainable Housing Design, KESDEC

Selected Papers :

1    HEJAZI, F, NOORZAEI, J, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. & JAAFAR, M.S. (2007). Development of a computational algorithm to restrain lateral movement of buildings subjected to strong earthquake. Regional Conf on Engineering and Disaster Management, Lahore, Pakistan, 20-22 March.

2    ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. (2007). Engineering excellence in a highly competitive world. Keynote Address, International Engineering Convention, 10-14 March, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Republished in Al-Mohandis, March, Saudi Council of Engineers.

3    BENAYOUNE,A, ABDUL SAMAD, A.A. TRIKHA, D.N., ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A., & Ellinna, S.H.M. (2007). Flexural behaviour of pre-cast concrete sandwich composite panel – experimental and theoretical investigations. Construction and Building Materials.  

4    HUAT, B.B.K, MOHAMMED, T.A, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A., & ABDULLAH, A.A. (2007). Numerical and field study on triangular shell footing for low rise building. International Engineering Convention, 10-14 March, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

5    THANOON, W.A, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A, & ABBAKER, A.F.E. (2007) Structural behaviour of sandwich panel under combined axial and lateral loading. International Engineering Convention, 10-14 March, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

6    OMAR, M.Z., ZAHARIM,A., NIK MOHAMED, N.A, HARIS, S.M, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A, & BASRI,H. (2007). Soft skills and engineering graduates in Malaysia: Employers’ perspective. International Engineering Convention, 10-14 March, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

7    AZLAN A.A, JAAFAR, M.S, MEGAT MOHD NOR, M.J, & ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. (2007). Project based learning in a civil engineering design coursed; A case study of implementation for outcomes. International Engineering Convention, 10-14 March, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

8.    HEJAZI,F, NOORZAEI, J, SEIFI, M, JAAFAR, M.S, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A & THANOO, W.A. (2007). Protection of buildings in vibration excitation. Proc of 3rd World Engineering Congress, Penang. 5-9 August.

9.    PEYMAN,G, AZMI, I, JAAFAR, M.S, & ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. (2007). Performance-based seismic design philosophy incorporating vertical seismic omponent in the near field. Proc of 3rd World Engineering Congress, Penang. 5-9 August.

10.    AL-GORAFI, M.A, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A, JAAFAR, M.S. & OTHMAN, I. (2007). Performance of segmental prestressed concrete bridges under combined stresses: a critical review. Proc of 3rd World Engineering Congress, Penang. 5-9 August.

11.    HEJAZI, F, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A, WALEED, A.T, JAAFAR, M.S. & NOORZAEI, J. (2007). Seismic resistance of frame buildings using effective control system. Proc. of World Housing Congress, 1-5 July, Kuala Trengganu.

12.    HEJAZI, F, NOORZAEI, J, ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. & JAAFAR, M.S. (2007). Optimization of building structures equipped with active variable stiffness system under earthquake excitation. Journal of Structural Engineering, India.

13.    ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. (2007). Frontiers in Engineering: A journey in Creativity, Innovation and Excellence. Keynote Address. 3rd World Engineering Congress., Penang. 5-9 August

14.    ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A. (2007). Engineering technology – the way forward. Keynote Address. International Conf on Engineering Technology 2007 (ICET2007), Kuala Lumpur, 11-13 December.

15.    J. Noorzaei, S.J.S. Hakim, M.S. Jaafar, A.A. Abang Ali & W.A.M. Thanoon, 2007, An optimal architecture of artificial neural network for predicting compressive strength of concrete. The Indian Concrete Journal, v2007: pp 17.

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25.    ABANG ABDULLAH, A.A., (2005). Teachers of engineering and graduate employment: A professional perspective. Regional Conference on Engineering Education 2005. Engineering Education: Meeting the challenges of graduates’ employability. Keynote Address. 12-13 December, Eden Garden Hotel, Johor Bahru.




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