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Saturday, 28 November 2015
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JEBAT : Malaysian Journal of History, Politics and Strategic Studies



  • Jebat: Malaysian Journal of History, Politics & Strategic Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published by the School of History, Politics and Strategy in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, National University of Malaysia since 1971.


  • The journal is indexed in EBSCO, MyAIS (Malaysian Abstract and Index System), Ulrichs Periodicals Directory, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal),  ISC (Islamic World Science Citation Centre), and the UKM Journal Article Repository.


  • The journal is published twice a year in July and December. Hard copies can be printed on demand.


Current Volume
2180-0251 (electronic), 0126-5644 (paper)
Publication Frequency:
Biannual (July and December)
Asia Pacific Studies, History, International Relations, Malaysian Studies, Political Science, South East Asian Studies, Strategic and Security Studies,
School of History, Politics & Strategic Studies