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UKM Press is the imprint of the scholarly publishing of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; publishing scholarly books and journals since 1971.




UKM Press is the imprint of the scholarly publishing of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The Press is placed under the Chancellory Office. It is headed by a Publication Officer who is directly responsible to the Vice Chancellor and to the Chairman of the University Editorial Board (formerly Publication Committee). Currently, the post of chairman of the University Editorial Board is held by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs. The Publication Committee was set up in 1970. In its meeting in January 1971, it was decided that all scholarly publications in the form of books, journals and monographs which are carried out in University must be channeled through the University Editorial Board. Since 1989, the Chief Editors of the university's journals were also appointed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor. 

The Responsibilities of the Press 
The responsibilities of the press are in line with those of the University Editorial Board and together they form the university press publication policy. In general, the main policy is to give priority to publications in Bahasa Melayu, in the hope of increasing academic reference materials for higher learning. The responsibilities of the University Editorial Board executed by the Press are as follows: 

  • The publication of academic writings in the nature of teaching and learning  materials of acceptable standards in the form of books, monographs and journals written by the academic and other staff members of the university.
  • To encourage the writing and the translation of materials in bahasa Melayu which are of academic value and are used as teaching.
  • To ascertain which of the manuscripts submitted merit for publication.
  • To determine the procedures in the printing,distribution and sale of the publications.
  • To carry out joint publication projects with other academic institutions and publishers.and, to coordinate all the university's scholarly publications which are funded by the University.
The Financial Allocation 
The Press is a non-profit making organization. The financial resources of the Press come from the University, under a special revolving fund for the specific purpose of scholarly publication carried out by the Press. There are at present 12 staff, including 5 publication officer. Its sale revenues help to finance new publications.